Green Mars Consulting

Company Information

Green Mars Consulting is a full-service software engineering firm based in California.  We serve a wide-range of clients and technologies, including startups building Biotech and IoT firmware and hardware, machine learning technology, online retail, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and more.

Our core values are Transparency, Flexibility and Reliability, for both clients and teams, and we live these values in our daily operations.  We encourage you to read more at our website, linked below.

Even as a remote team, we collaborate every day to produce excellent software for our clients.  We do not have projects that only have one person on them — everyone has support from Lead Design, QA and Project Management, not to mention mentorship and professional development support.  This goes for expert-level engineers as much as novice-level — everyone has room to grow.

It's up to us to hire diverse talent so that we can produce exceptional products for a diverse customer base.  Our company employs talented engineers with an uncommonly good balance of women, men, and nonbinary folk. All of our engineers bring their own experiences and strengths to the table, and we collaborate to deliver high quality software for our clients and opportunities to further develop our own skills and strengths.

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