From sketch to prototype!

Company Information

We build production-ready hardware models for your product ideas or ready to use products for specific purposes. We are a group an experienced hardware engineers and software developers that want to bring about change through innovative product development. As product cycles are pushed to become shorter and shorter, rapid hardware prototyping is quickly becoming an essential part of today’s businesses.

Our process is simple and we value communication and transparency. Each step is validated with you. We always start with an estimate and once we have agreed on the terms of our collaboration we will keep you up-to-date with the progress of our work. At the end of the project the hardware and software documentation is delivered to you.

We are proficient in:
- providing initial assessment of hardware prototypes
- choosing off the shelf modules to build proof of concept
- PCB design - soldering and testing PCBs
- developing Arduino and Raspberry Pi based projects
- microcontroller design (Atmel)
- embedded Linux

- C++
- Python
- microcontroller programming

Rapid prototyping
- 3D Printing
- CNC & laser cut
- enclosure design

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