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Full-time Senior Electrical Engineer

at MindTribe in San Francisco, CA

I’m Adam, an electrical engineering manager at Mindtribe. Let me tell you about what we do, and why I love to work here.

Mindtribe is a product development consultancy: a tightly integrated team of electrical, mechanical and firmware engineers developing innovative technology products. At the core of Mindtribe’s method is a change-tolerant development process. Not only are our teams accepting of new inputs, we actively seek them–technology-related learnings, what the competition is doing, changing business needs, and most importantly, what customers want. Clients come to Mindtribe wanting to be technology leaders, and they look to us to help them define, design and build their next big thing.

We are looking for electrical engineers who have the right skills, who are excited about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, who will mesh well with our team, and who are ready to grow with us. Is this you? You know it is when you love the same things about your work as we do. Here is what I love about working at Mindtribe.

I love working in a collaborative environment with other badass engineers.

“Hey, come take a look at this. What do you think?” I’m working on a schematic for a prototype of a tiny new product. The switching power supply is millimeters away from the RF transceiver. It’s going to be a sensitive layout, and proper bypassing and optimized routing will be key to reducing coupling from the regulator into the RF receiver. I can rely on my coworkers for clever ideas, design reviews, and troubleshooting support when I need it. And they rely on me.

I love challenging electrical engineering problems.

I’m working on an inductive charger for a medical device. If the firmware ever locks up, even during development, the primary coil might be physically destroyed by an over-current condition. I need to design a robust mechanism that detects the dangerous condition, and instantly overrides the microcontroller’s MOSFET gate control signal without interfering with the rest of the system.

I love constantly learning.

Henry Ott’s Electromagnetic Compatibility sits on a desk. I open up to shielding techniques. “This is good stuff” I say, “I’m going to read it cover to cover.” My coworkers are skeptical. I’m giving it a try anyway, because it’s something I don’t know much about.

I love wearing more than one engineering hat.

I pop open SolidWorks. I open the solid model of the product for which I’m designing the electrical system. “Got a sec to look at this?” The lead ME on the project pulls his chair next to mine. We’re looking at how to add a cable shield connection across a very small and physically constrained interposer board with a USB micro-b connector.

I don’t love upside-down ground symbols.

I open a reference schematic from a vendor. I cringe because there are ground symbols facing sideways. At least they aren’t upside-down, I think to myself. I love a schematic that tells you what it does.

I love working with engineers who are passionate about their work.

We’re at our weekly happy hour. We’ve been having an intense 45-minute discussion, napkin sketches and all, about how a higher F-stop in a camera increases depth of field.

I love that my work is not the only important thing in my life.

I race a little sailing dinghy with around San Francisco Bay with my wife. I play music in a band. I routinely explore the vast culinary landscape of San Francisco. My job is not my life, but one makes the other even better.

Do you love the same things I do? If so, send me an email at

We’re looking for senior EE’s, which means you’ve done all of the following. You’ve worked for more than a few years on designing electronics for embedded systems. You’ve architected systems with microcontrollers and sensors. You’ve overseen multi-layer board layout. You’ve led teams of electrical designers.

I’m eager to hear from you.

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