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December 3, 2021
Anywhere, United States of America
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I’m co-founder of a start up company that is using Adafruit products and the Adafruit IO service for one of our devices. I have the device and hardware side figured out. However, I need some help with advanced Arduino programming to get my device working optimally with Adafruit IO.

Here's what I need:

Easy method to connect device to Wifi (i.e. WiFi Manager)
Reliable connection to Adafruit IO to send data from device to cloud.
Programming for a button that will launch Wifi setup with 1 short click and will restore to factory settings with 1 long click.
Programming that will: 1. setup numerous feeds per device for sensor data in a common feed group with a custom group name. Preferably a group name based on the device MAC address. 2. setup a dashboard with a name similar to the group name with specific gauges, line charts, etc. for the data feeds.

I need the Arduino programming to allow me to have one Adafruit IO account and ultimately up to 20 devices connected to the account. I want the device setup process to create the sensor data feeds, grouping of the feeds per device, and a dashboard for each device so I don't have to create the feeds, feed groups, and dashboards for each device.

It is also very important to me that if the device is already setup and working, that it will re-connect to WiFi and re-connect to Arduino IO upon loss of power and loss of local WiFi router operation. I want it to re-connect on loss of power only, on loss of WiFi router only, and when they both happen at the same time.

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