Backend Developer - Light Pong
October 15, 2021
Chicago, Illinois
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Light Pong is the world's first 1-dimensional game console. The most epic new addition to your Saturday night that you didn't even know you needed. Play solo or challenge a friend on one of the many games; pick it up and play - whether you're 6 or 106; light up the room with awesome lighting effects. Endless fun, anywhere. Light Pong’s games are programmed on a single line, which is why we call it a 1D console. Light Pong is the console for easy-to-play games that still involve mastery.

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Companion App

Light Pong was designed to be simple of course, but we still wanted to create something dynamic and open to customization. Enter the Companion App. Not only will the app allow you to play other games, it will also let you customize Light Pong in creative ways such as choosing the light colors, or switching to ambient mode. Compatible with Android and iOS, the Companion App is also high in utility.

Developers will be able to take their games, put them in a virtual cartridge, and upload them to our online marketplace. Once there, other users will be able to find games and upload the cartridges straight to their Light Pong units - using the Light Pong Companion App! This means that even if you have no interest in developing games for Light Pong, you will still have easy access to new and original content from other developers right at your fingertips.

Developer Tools & Desktop Applications

Light Pong runs on a microcontroller executing a small Python interpreter. Using this alongside our development framework, Developers will be able to easily create custom Light Pong games, or mod our Light Pong games! We’re also planning for our framework to have specific integration with the Light Pong Companion App - like being able to read/write game-specific data between the app and a Light Pong unit. This opens up a huge range of possibilities for developers. We want to provide ways for any developer to create their own games on Light Pong without the learning curve of writing microcontroller code.

The Role
We’re looking for a Backend Developer who is comfortable with developing for mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Companion App
Work with us to create a marketplace backend which will allow users to discover, download, and upload new games for Light Pong.

Dates: November 1st, 2021 to February 18th, 2022


Desktop Application / Development Tools

Work with us to create additional development tools as well as a desktop application for Light Pong.

Dates:  April 1st, 2022 to June 17th, 2022


Light Pong Game Servers

Work with us to put together the servers required to power various Light Pong games.

Dates: July 1st, 2022 to July 21st, 2022


Community Developer Portal

Work with us to create a developer portal, which will allow developers to upload and edit their games in the Light Pong marketplace.

Dates: July 5th, 2022 to October 5th, 2022

Our Ideal Candidate

Has evidence of relevant past work

Work with cloud services like AWS and Azure
Serverless code
Desktop application development

Is familiar with cloud development at scale
Is familiar with a variety of programming languages, and is comfortable with hopping between them

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