BLE Low Energy device using MQTT to AWS - DeTech
February 10, 2020
Hebron, Connecticut
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We started a project that will send data to an AWS cloud service. The cloud service part of the solution is already built.  In fact a good part of the device that we've designed is already built.  In short without going into information requiring an NDA, We took an existing heavy duty scale in we have the load cells from the scale and have its PCB reporting data up through a broker to the AWS cloud, we've added voltage is well for the battery, and two other types of monitors that I can't go into without an NDA.  The end point device (scale) is designed to be a BLE 5.0 low-energy, Device with onboard battery, it will report to the AWS cloud at approximately every 15 minutes.
We don't think there's a need for a mesh networking capability, because the application for our clients it Is usually a rather small space. If we needed to add additional access points we would install another broker BLE to Wi-Fi device in order to cover the area.
The stage we are at right now is we have a semi working prototype, however the BLE architecture chip set that was chosen by the developer is being discontinued. We're glad this happened now before we went to production. But nonetheless it has thrown a delay into the project and we are seeking another product development person to take this project over, because the existing developers resources now appear to be limited to focus on final project design.  As we need to move toward we would like another developer to help us , Final testing, debugging and then moved to production.
We are using MQTT protocol for the topography, as we would like to be able to have dual communication so that we can do over the air  instructions from AWS back to end device and some other features that we can not get into until we have an NDA signed.
 I'm not sure if any developers are within Connecticut and or  North East, that would be ideal but not required the goal is to work closely towards the completion, Final testing debugging ASAP
 We also have another product based on the same design that we'd like to implement as well basically using the same hardware without all of the additional sensors. Again I can go to that upon NDA.
If you have questions and feel you have the skills to deliver please contact me
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