Circuit Python programmer needed - Xander Creations LLC
November 10, 2021
Buffalo Ny, Ny
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I'm looking for a programmer that is comfortable and able at writing Circuit Python code (it must be written in CP, CP is the only programming language that I am looking for) for a project that will go into a prototype for a product that I am working to bring to production and market. Upon completion the code will be solely my property, (I am willing to discuss giving accreditation to the code author or what ever it's called) (I just don't want ANY complication that might prevent the code from being open to the public and open-source), so I will have no difficulty making both the aforementioned code, and the physical production product open-source so it can help the most people, and do the most good.

The electronics that you'll be writing for are a micro-controller, a joystick, and a high current (about 30 - 60 amps) motor controller.  So back ground in writing Circuit Python code for simple robots, battle bots, electric go carts, electric bikes, or kinds of devices with a motor controller and large motors would be beneficial.

I'm located in Buffalo NY, but thanks to technology you can be located anywhere.

The company and I in a nut shell; the company is a little start up with global goals and aspirations with a single autistic dad at the helm, wearing all the hats; doing all I can, as fast as I can, or slow as I have to.


"You keep pushing. You keep pushing. I made every mistake that could be made, but I keep pushing"

- Rene Descartes

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