Circular PCB with SMB 5050 + Power Conversion + micro interface - [unlisted]
March 31, 2021
West Palm Beach, Florida
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We are looking for a contract engineer for our current project to create a high density ring of RGBW LEDs based on the SMD 5050. There are 3 components to this project that we need designed.

Power conversion. 12-24VDC input needs to be supported at a power rating no less than 120 watts.
The unit will be controlled by the Adafruit ItsyBitsy nRF52840 Express and shall provide a shield like mounting for it.
The LEDs will be mounted on PCBs in 3 rows of 20. 4 total PCBs will be connected to one another with power injected into each but sharing common data lines.

If you are interested please reach out and we can discuss further details so that you can have a better understanding of the full project.

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