Consultancy on Power Monitoring Project - Six Paths Solutions
February 23, 2022
Your City, OK
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I'm looking for an individual to provide experience and perspective on issues I'm facing with my attempt at a power monitoring system based on raspberri pi's and the ads1115 ADC.

The ideal candidate has some experience with this level of electronics and keeping accurate analog readings over time.

Bonus points for data logging/export into grafana or similar.


I'm pretty sure analog protection circuitry is the area of most of my issues, of course I'm not certain of that.

I'll be extremely flexible with scheduling for the right candidate.

I would expect a 5-10 minute video interview process in which the below would be negotiated as well as giving you more details on the specific issues I'm facing.

Pay will be hourly and negotiated individually ($20-$100 as the consultation would be over video or some other real-time communication framework.)

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