Full Time or Part Time New York City Director for BlueStamp Engineering - Bluestamp Engineering
October 20, 2019
New York City, New York
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Open Position – City Director:

BlueStamp, LLC is looking for an entrepreneurial, motivated, kind, and tech-savvy person to join our staff at the Director level in the New York City area.   The role requires full time work similar to a teacher’s full time schedule load (Full time effort from October through July followed by lighter, remote work during the ‘break’ from August through September).   Note: Exceptional candidates with a history of successfully managing more than one project at once may inquire about taking on a part time role throughout.  We are a small, hard working team that loves to enjoy our work and the people we work with.  

About The Company:

BlueStamp Engineering (BSE) is a 6-week summer program in NYC, Palo Alto, and San Francisco where high school students individually build engineering projects. Accepted students select and build a project of interest (e.g. prosthetic hands, solar powered electronics, autonomous robots, GPS devices, mini wind turbines, etc.) with a motto of "learning by doing." BSE students and founders have been featured on Cable TV, TEDx, and on the Embedded podcast.

Students go through the entire process of building and testing their devices while supporting their work with full documentation published online and presenting their work at a demo night. Projects have a wide degree of difficulty, from electronics kits to customized designs. Please visit our student page to see what previous students have built.  For detailed information about the program, please visit http://www.bluestampengineering.com


Position Responsibilities:

  1. Enrollment and PR. The Director will be responsible for driving enrollment growth and PR efforts during the application period (December-June).  Specific tasks include:
    1. Connecting (via BSE’s founders) with existing school contacts to coordinate program demo’s 
    2. Contacting new STEM teachers/administrators and speaking to various high schools in the area. 
    3. Review students’ applications.
    4. Conduct student (with parent) interviews via in person coffee or skype meetings.
    5. Call student references.
    6. Send admissions/rejection notices to students and coordinate enrollment procedure (enrollment status, billing, and payment status).
  2. Staff Recruitment. The Director will publish job postings, review resumes, and interview summer staff candidates. 
  3. Operate the Summer Program. The director will oversee all operations of the New York City location of BlueStamp engineering. Specific tasks include:
    1. Working with students and parents to ensure each student has a great experience.
    2. Managing a total staff of 10-15 during the Summer.
    3. Work with students, staff, and parents to select projects and get materials and tools ordered in advance of the program’s start.
    4. Oversee the 1 week Engineering Immersion program for incoming staff prior to the start of the program
    5. Coordinate and attend all New York City demo nights (up to 3) where students present their work).
    6. Coordinate a 2-day staff training for all New York City staff and 1-day room setup day for each location.

Candidate Requirements:

  1. Excellent organizational skills.
  2. Engineering background and/or project experience is a plus
  3. Comfortable with speaking publicly to groups ranging from 10 to 100 students.
  4. Tech savvy: Education and/or experience (professional or hobbyist) in one or both of the following areas: (1) Emerging Technology (mobile, electronics, consumer, programming, energy, life sciences), (2) Technology Entrepreneurship
  5. Experience networking and reaching out to new contacts by phone and email.
  6. Desire to share the excitement of engineering with high school students.
  7. Excellent communication skills, unfettered honesty and integrity, and the ability to work with minimal supervision are all a must.
  8. Selected candidates must pass a background check.

Time Commitment and Flexibility:

  • The work load is highest in the summer while the program is in session, and lighter from August through September, and then ramps up again in October through summer.


  • Base salary + merit bonus varies depending on experience
  • $40k-65k base salary for full time 
  • Up to an additional $25k total in merit and revenue-growth bonuses.

To Apply:

Download and complete the staff application from the website.  Then submit via email along with a resume and a brief cover letter to dave@bluestampengineering.com and robin@bluestampengineering.com


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