Gyroscopic sensor for performance - Midden Heap Project
May 10, 2019
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I am looking to hire someone who can help me with a project for a performance. The basic concept of the project is to use a 9-DOF Absolute Orientation sensor to turn my moving body into a gyroscopic MIDI controller for video jockeying. For example, when I bend forward, a video plays on a screen, when I bend to the right, the effects are applied on the video, etc. I have, I believe, all of the hardware to complete this project (can give a list) and I plan to use Max 8 as my video jockeying software (although if you have other suggestions, I'm open).

My background is heavily based in the arts, so please bear that in mind for this project!!

Contract price is negotiable, please name your rate and I will do my best to secure funds. I would like to have this project complete by August.

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