Maker Wanter to Build CO2 Negative Seawater Electrolysis Prototype (Geochemistry, Fabrication) - ABX Development
March 17, 2020
Santa Monica, California
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I am looking for help in building a bench-top proof of concept prototype CO2 extraction system.

Background in geochemistry would be ideal, but I think a basic understanding of general chemistry and little fabrication experience would be sufficient.

There's a solid base of research showing that when generating hydrogen and oxygen from seawater under the right conditions (via electrolysis in an environment where silicates are being dissolved at the same time) the reaction can be CO2 negative.

I understand the process on paper but don't have the skill-set to build and test a prototype to take this to the next stage.

Contract will cover time/hourly wage and materials as we develop the initial unit.

Please reach out if interested with a short bio.

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