Remote Instructor for Summer Engineering Program - Bluestamp Engineering
December 20, 2021
San Francisco Bay Area, California
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About The Company:

BlueStamp Engineering (BSE) is a summer program that offers remote 3-week engineering and design program sessions to students around the world, as well as 6-week in person programs in Palo Alto, CA.  BSE is a hands on program where high school students individually build engineering projects. Students select and build a project of interest (e.g. solar powered electronics, robots, GPS devices, video games, mini wind turbines, etc.) with a motto of "learning by doing." Students go through the entire process of building and testing their devices while supporting their work with full documentation published online. Projects have a wide degree of  difficulty, from electronics kits to customized designs.


Please visit  to see what previous students have built.  For detailed information about the program, please visit


Open Position for Remote Programs (Nationwide) – Instructor:

BlueStamp, LLC is looking for independent, motivated, enthusiastic, and technical people to join our remote summer staff.  Remote Instructors will have a flexible commitment of 4-10 weeks (this range represents 1-3 three week sessions), where 3-9 weeks is instruction and 1 week is training. Instructors assist small cohort(s) of students in creating their projects. This will include teaching engineering techniques and concepts, tools and safety, technical documentation, and troubleshooting methods. Staff will guide students to ideas, approaches, and sources of solutions without "just doing it for them."  BlueStamp projects are technically rigorous and require top notch engineering skills in order to properly guide students. This position will involve the following responsibilities:


Before the program:

3 day training with fellow staff members to learn about program operation, best practices, review student projects, and familiarize yourself with the project kit and project(s) they will be teaching.


During the program:

Connect with your cohort(s) of 3-5 students and build a positive remote classroom environment
Help students create and troubleshoot their projects.
Motivate, inspire, and share the love of building with students.
Help students create their online portfolios documenting their progress.
Share responsibility with other staff to facilitate fun break time and productive office hours.
Help other staff when they need support on a difficult problem.


Candidate Requirements:

Education and practical experience in one or more of the following four areas: (1) Electronics Hardware, (2) Firmware/Software, (3) Mechanical Design and Drafting (4) Game design.
Significant experience with building, designing, and troubleshooting devices or prototypes of similar scope to student projects shown here: Applicants should be able to showcase and discuss, in depth, any of their projects.
Skilled in troubleshooting problems and using the engineering tools of their discipline.
Experience teaching/leading students (e.g. instructor roles, youth camps, tutoring, mentoring, etc).
Ability to think and act quickly on a project to identify solutions that can meet goals on a structured, fast-paced schedule in a busy environment.
Desire to share the excitement of designing and engineering with high school students, while motivating students through the challenging and frustrating stages of prototype construction.
Excellent communication skills, unfettered honesty and integrity, and the ability to work with minimal supervision are all a must.


Remote Program Logistics:

The remote summer program consists of three 3-week sessions. Each session has three 2.5 hour classes. Staff members may teach 1-2 classes daily for 1-3 sessions. Class meets Monday-Friday with the 3 start times being 9am ET, 12pm ET, and 3pm ET.
Each instructor will participate in the evening office hours (90 min) regardless of how many classes they teach each day. Office hours are at 6pm or 7pm ET (subject to change).
Staff members can request to work during all or some sessions, and teach up to 2 classes per day.
The student-to-staff ratio is approximately 4:1. Classes are divided up into cohorts of 3-5 students with similar project focuses. Students are highly motivated and have passed a rigorous application process.
All staff will participate in training before the start of the program.
Staff members will lead a showcase night at the end of each session for students to present their work.
Staff will write recommendation letters as requested for students from their cohorts after the program ends. On average this is 1-5 letters.
Compensation: Paid on a stipend, depending on experience.

Instructors earn $1,500 per class taught and are eligible for an additional merit based bonus of up to 25% of total compensation.
Example: a staff member hired to teach 2 classes for each of the 3 sessions would be paid $9,000 for the summer plus be eligible for up to a 25% merit bonus.

All staff must pass a background check.


To Apply:

Submit your application online via this link

Only registered members who have filled out their skills offered can apply for jobs.

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