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Contract Design A PCB at Chris Montgomery in New York 24-09-2016
Contract Hardware/Firmware Designer at Ants on a Melon, Inc., Anywhere 22-09-2016
Full-time IT at Bhagawan in New York 22-09-2016
Full-time STM32 Embedded Systems Engineer at Stanley Black and Decker in Towson, MD 21-09-2016
Full-time Electronics Engineer at Alex Barkatz in New York 19-09-2016
Contract Fabrication from Developer Board Prototype at Catalina Technology, Anywhere 15-09-2016
Part-time STEM/STEAM instructor for after-school program at Impulse Labs in Brooklyn, NY 12-09-2016
Contract Laser cutting, assembly, and packaging at acrylic products, Anywhere 12-09-2016
Contract Designer and maker for soft products at Hoana Medical, Inc, Anywhere 10-09-2016
Full-time Human Detection for outside Alarm at Ace, Anywhere 06-09-2016
Skills Offered Arduino programming and hardware integration at Cedar Lake Instruments LLC, Anywhere 05-09-2016
Skills Offered Pro Bono US Based Mechanical Design at John Beilman, Anywhere 28-08-2016
Full-time Tech Studio Education Associate at Museum of Science in Boston, MA 24-08-2016
Skills Offered Robotics/Embedded Sytems and Electronics Engineer at Arun kumar Sivaraman in Anywhere in USA 19-08-2016
Full-time Product Manager at goTenna in New York 15-08-2016
Contract Need Help With Building Chrome Extension at Tony S, Anywhere 11-08-2016
Part-time STEM/STEAM Instructors Welcome @ MacInspires! at Travis Sluss, Anywhere 08-08-2016
Part-time Creative Code Specialist Technician at University of the Arts London at London College of Communication in London 08-08-2016
Full-time Universal REMOTE w RF? at Ralph Sutton, Anywhere 05-08-2016
Contract build an ON AIR SIGN for me. at Ralph Sutton, Anywhere 05-08-2016
Contract Software/Code for Particle Photon at Jeff Robinson, Anywhere 28-07-2016
Contract IMU Algorithms Developer at Inside Coach, Anywhere 27-07-2016
Full-time Production Engineer at Fictiv, Inc. in San Francisco, CA, USA 21-07-2016
Full-time Engineer at Temboo, NYC start-up at Temboo in New York 19-07-2016
Skills Offered Adityat at SAMEER IIT, Anywhere 16-07-2016
Full-time National STEM Operations Head at BlueStamp Engineering in New York 15-07-2016
Skills Offered Electronics Engineer Available at Ingo Cyliax, Anywhere 15-07-2016
Full-time Firmware Engineer at goTenna, Anywhere 13-07-2016
Skills Offered Schematic/PCB Design from Proven EE at Jason R. Jones, Anywhere 12-07-2016
Skills Offered Laser Cut Design for Ponoko or other at Jason R. Jones, Anywhere 12-07-2016
Skills Offered Recently Graduated with BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Mohammed Zen Akram in New York 09-07-2016
Skills Offered Software Engineer at Adriano Bertini in Italy 05-07-2016
Full-time DevOps Engineer at Matt, Anywhere 04-07-2016
Contract Pocketsphinx on Raspberry Pi at Daniel Maas, Anywhere 30-06-2016
Skills Offered New EE Grad seeking full time position at Syed Shah in New York 28-06-2016
Full-time Software and Support Engineer at Dexter Industries, Anywhere 28-06-2016